Best Chicken Marinade
It will be grilling season soon, and with the delicious charcoal flavor comes the need for a great marinade. Here's one we like,

Irish potatoes
It's ST. Patricks day, and after you've had the ham, cabbage and potatoes, you'll be needing something sweet! Enter the humble Irish

Making your own chicken broth
Why make homemade chicken broth? First, it's easy, and let's you use the whole chicken, bones, giblets, skin and all! Second, when you

Roasting Garlic
We love garlic so much that when a recipe only calls for a few cloves, we always use a full head, we can never get enough! One of the

Freezing Hot Peppers
If you shop at Produce Junction, or another bulk produce store, you probabbly know that when you by hot peppers, you get a ton of them, and

about dried beans
We use only dried beans, and we do so for a few different reasons. They are not processed They are inexpensive, you can buy a 1 pound

Creamy White Bean Stew with Bacon and Vegetables
This harty recipe will warm you up and leave you feeling pleasantly full and satisfied. White beans are hi in potassium, very filling,

Simple Roasted vegies
This inspired recipe is so easy and simple, yet so delicious! Take a look at the ingredients list below and feel free to substitute any of